Road Markings & Signage

Credence Engineers Private Limited is one of the leading safety solutions providers with wide range of safety solutions from traffic to indoor safety and from industrial to public safety.

With the growth of the traffic volume on Indian roads, better roads and cross-country highways are being constructed with the help of new technology. Improved safety measures are being incorporated into the modern road systems to enhance the safety of road users.
Road Marking Solutions:
We have expert professionals for carrying out Thermoplastic Road Marking. It is a Retro Reflective pavement marking that renders long life and excellent day & night visibility. We ensure suitably sized aggregate material are selectively tested and combined into the product to provide required skid resistance, which is highly imperative for safety of road users.
Special skill is required for application of thermoplastic and a special care to be taken for application. The leadership of our company in the application is based on the experience in the field for more than a decade.
Road Signage Solutions:
Credence Engineers Private Limited offers high quality Road Signage solutions.Today, with ample experience and professionalism in our portfolio, we procure and install various kinds of Road Signage. We employ state-of-the-art equipment & facilities with highly experience professionals in the industry that assures highest quality standards to our projects.
We have the capability to procure, install & maintain the road signage on turnkey basis.
Other Road Safety Solutions:
Besides road marking and signage, we provide various road safety solutions viz. light reflectors, road studs, road dividers, guard rails, traffic control systems etc. We have developed significant expertise in installation & commissioning of these road safety measures.
Our recent focus on “Green Technology” has rewarded us with expertise in deployment of solar energy driven road safety installations viz. road stud, signage, traffic lights etc.

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